• Thorium Energy Conference 2015 - ThEC15 in Mumbai, India

    ThEC15 in Mumbai, India

    ThEC15 - Gateway to Thorium Energy!
    Anushakti Nagar, a part of Mumbai called the “Atomic Power City” welcomes you to learn more...

  • Affordable

    Thorium is one of the most energy-dense elements found in nature spread over all the continents in large quantities. Abundant and efficient, can Thorium offer an affordable energy source?

  • Safe

    Are there safe methods of using Thorium with no risk of meltdowns or explosions? Can Thorium also be proliferation resistant?

  • Proven

    Research into the use of Thorium started in the 1960’s in the US government's atomic lab. Was it already then proven as a superior fuel?

  • Clean

    Reactors fuelled by Thorium create zero-emission energy. Is a drastic waste reduction in both amount and lifetime enough?

  • Sustainable

    If affordable, safe and clean, does Thorium offer a sustainable solution to the world’s energy problem?

  • Conference

    Gateway to Thorium Energy! The best and brightest speakers in the field in a world class location – is ThEC15 in Mumbai at BARC a unique opportunity?

  • ThEC15 in Mumbai
  • ThEC15 - Gateway to Thorium Energy


The Future of Clean Nuclear Energy is Coming

‘Nuclear power is like the unloved child of sustainable energy. It’s got so much potential - but it only gets noticed when it does something wrong. If only people could see how cool it is...!’ starts the D News talk on nuclear power.

D News - The Future of Clean Nuclear Energy is Coming

Early Registration Closes Today - ThEC15

Early registrants to ThEC15 have one more day to benefit from the 100€ lower fee. Register today to secure your spot – the conference is almost sold out!

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TED Talks on Thorium

TED talks is a source of inspiration and, as the slogan says, ‘ideas worth spreading’. Thorium and its potential as an energy source has been featured several times.

Thorium, An Alternative Nuclear Fuel by Kirk Sorensen

Who will Speak at ThEC15 in Mumbai?

The tentative program for ThEC15 in Mumbai - Gateway to Thorium Energy - is now live!

To see a full list of all tentative speakers, follow the link below:

Program ThEC15 in Mumbai, India

Resource Watch on Thorium

Can Thorium be the answer to South Africa’s energy and water crisis? The Chairman of Steenkampskraal Thorium Limited, Mr. Trevor Blech, was interviewed by CNBC Africa's Nozipho Mbanjwa on the subject.

From Steenkampskraal Thorium Ltd, Mr. Blech’s answer to the question is ‘Yes’.

A Sustainable Energy Alternative

Finding suitable sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels has become one of the most pressing questions of our time. While renewable sources of energy are usually put forward as the only responsible solution, their ability to provide the capacities required remains a point of contention. Research confirms that...

Environmental impacts evaluation results for traditional nuclear, wind and TMSR.

Final Registration Open – ThEC15

Final registration to ThEC15 is now open. Final registration is to be made through the link provided on the conference website followed by payment of the conference fee according to instructions. Conference registration will be confirmed after receipt of registration fee.

What is Anushakti Nagar?

Anu Shakti means atomic power in many Sanskrit-based Indian languages. Nagar means town or city. Hence the name Anushakti Nagar, Atomic Power City, the residential town for the employees of Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India.

A palm lined boulevard in the Atomic Power City.

How many Thorium m&m's do you Consume?

Rusty Towell, a professor in Physics at ACU, presents the benefits of the LFTR (Molten Salt Reactor) in a recent TEDx speech.
He starts by using a comparison to m&m's to describe the...

Seminar – Can Thorium Reactors Produce Electricity Efficiently?

What are the opportunities for future thorium-based power generation? This question will be discussed in a seminar organized by the famous Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.