IThEO Presents IThEMS

At a press conference at KEIDANREN, an industry organisation with members such as Toyota, Toshiba and Hitachi, IThEMS unveiled their plans to build the world's first commercial Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor (Th-MSR) power generator. To make this a reality the company says it needs to secure an additional $300 million investment. With funding in place, the first step on the path to commercially available Thorium Energy will be through their 10MW miniFUJI. That will be followed by a larger capacity design called FUJI, delivering 200MW.

A drawin of a FUJI Thorium Energy power plant.

According to company claims, these will both generate power at a cost significantly lower than that of current Light Water Reactors (LWR) – at least 30% lower – without the considerable safety, proliferation and waste drawbacks of conventional nuclear energy.
IThEMS is built around the FUJI concept for which they have a Japanese Patent (No. 3326759) and a Russian Federation Patent (No. 2137222).

Keishiro Fukushima (ThEC2010 contributor) is aformer Senator and Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Japan. He is the founder and CEO of IThEMS and Guest Professor of Waseda University.

Dr. Kazuo Furukawa (ThEC2010 contributor) is theinventor of the Thorium Energy concept FUJI, and has dedicated more than 40 years to research and develop in the field. He is Chairman and Director of Laboratory of IThEMS and is conducting research at Tokai University.

Investors, potential partners and suppliers can meet with IThEMS at ThEC2010 where they will present their technology and business or contact IThEO at or IThEMS at

IThEMS, International Thorium & Molten-Salt Technology Inc.

Last updated 21 July, 2010