The Mighty Thorium Promise

DougCaruso, a science and stimulus report at The Columbus Dispatch has two interesting articles in which he mentions some of thorium energy's advantages:

“Thorium reactors produce about 47 times less nuclear waste.”

“The waste needs to be stored for as long as 300 years, compared with 10,000 years for waste from today's plants.”

“Reactors can't melt down like Three Mile Island or Chernobyl.”

“It doesn't produce reliable fuel for nuclear weapons.”

He continues:

“Thorium, they say, provides all the carbon-free energy of uranium - about 300 times more, actually - with almost none of the guilt.”

The mighty thorium, The nearly perfect energy source nobody has heard of, The Columbus Dispatch, Doug Caruso

Thorium's promise, Some experts say this element could solve our energy problems, The Columbus Dispatch, Doug Caruso

Last updated 9 May, 2010