ThEC11 – Presentations

The final PDF version of the ThEC11 Program can be found here:

Thorium Energy Conference Program - ThEC11

(Even if John Duncan and Yacine Kadi are in the program they could unfortunately not participate due to last minute circumstances.)


The ThEC11 Program was full of exciting topics and speakers. Some of the highlights can be found below. To view or download each speakers presentation in PDF-format, please click on any of the titles below.

The Best, Most Overlooked Solution to Global Warming and Long-Term Energy Supply by Gary Krellenstein a former JPMorgan director.

Thorium Economics; A Few Perspectives by Paul Friley from BNL.

US Socio-Economic Case for LWR Spent Fuel Treatment by Tony Favale and Tim Myers from Advanced Energy Systems.

Report from the DOE ADS White Paper Working Group by Stuart Henderson from Fermilab.

Liquid Fueled Reactors; Molten Salt Reactor Technology by Jess C Gehin from ORNL.

Physico-Chemical Properties of Thorium Fuels by Ondrej Benes from EC JRC ITU.

Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Fission by Peter McIntyre from Texas A&M.

Developing a High Power Cyclotron To Drive Sub Critical Reactor by Luciano Calabretta from INFN.

Pyrochemical Research on Molten Salts by Pavel Soucek at EC JRC ITU.

Accelerators for Subcritical Molten-Salt Reactors by Rolland P Johnson from Muons Inc.

The Norwegian Thorium Initiative by Oystein Asphjell from Thor Energy.

New Nuclear Technologies and the UK Energy Strategy by Robert Arnold from UK DECC.

OREC and The Bank by Takashi Kamei from Ritsumeikan Uni .

Nuclear Ammonia; Thorium's Killer App by Robert Hargraves from Dartmouth College.

The Weinberg Foundation by Laurence O’Hagan from The Weinberg Foundation.

Materials Challenges for Deployment of Thorium Dioxide Fuel by Andrew T Nelson from Los Alamos.

Thorium-Based Fuels for PWRs by Michael Todosow from BNL.

UK Developments Towards Accelerator-Driven Systems by Hywel Owen from Manchester Uni.

Metrics and Methodologies for Assessment of Proliferation Risk by Robert A. Bari from BNL.

Why Didn't This Happen? by Kirk Sorensen from Flibe Energy.

Science Doesn’t Speak for Itself by Parker Griffith, former U.S. Congressman.

What Life is Like as a Scientist in Congress by Bill Foster, former U.S. Congressman.

The Way Forward: Science, Technology or Politics?, A Roundtable discussion led by Bob Cywinski from Huddersfield University and featuring Robert Arnold (UK DECC), Stuart Henderson (FermiLab), Tony Favale (Advanced Energy Systems), Kirk Sorensen (Flibe Energy) and Gary Krellenstein (former JPMorgan).

All ThEC11 contributors and attendees have earned standing ovations!

A special "Thank You" goes to CCNY and BNL for their support and partnership.

The ThEC10 page can be found here and the ThEC11 page here.

We look forward to seeing you at ThEC11.

Last updated 24 October, 2011