The global energy problem remains

Global energy demand and environmental damage continues to become more severe. Everything we do, everything we make, and everything we consume, uses energy. It is the biggest single cost in our lives. To reduce this cost and to save our environment we need a proven solution to be brought into the world on a large scale, without delay!

The proven solution

The solution is Thorium. It has been proved that Thorium can be used to produce an immense amount of energy, in a very safe, environmentally friendly and very economic manner. Therefore, it is our organisation's goal to campaign for the development and production of Thorium energy plants around the world. Realising this goal will eliminate the bad feeling of energy consumption, lower the price of energy, and make our societies energy sustainable. We believe a better world is well within reach.

Where do we begin?

First we require the understanding and support of people. We need the best in academia and technology to support us in bringing thorium to the attention of our countries' leaders. Many nations around the world are actively debating the energy problems and solutions, once we have their attention and understanding, we believe the funding of Thorium energy projects will begin.

We sincerely believe that by working together to utilise Thorium's potential, we can achieve a revolution in energy production and in the process create an organisation that will be admired for its achievement. Help us to spread the word, or influence and lead, you are welcome to join us.


Welcome to IThEO. Our organisation campaigns internationally to make Thorium Energy a reality. IThEO is a Stockholm (Sweden) based, member driven, non-profit organisation and welcomes all those interested to listen, support and join us for free.

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