Thorium Energy Conference - ThEC12

Update: The following conferences have been held after ThEC12:

2013 – ThEC13 in Geneva at CERN

Before ThEC12 the following conferences have been arranged:

2010 - ThEC10 in London

2011 – ThEC11 in New York

ThEC12 in Shanghai

The world is waking up to the huge potential of Thorium to solve the looming energy crisis; ThEC12 in Shanghai was the event of the year for everyone with an interest in the future of Thorium Energy and its many related fields. China is taking the lead in exploring fresh approaches to nuclear fission in its quest for sustainable, environment-responsible energy that can be delivered reliably and in quantity.

The Chinese initiated action to find viable energy sources significant enough to wean the country off its dependence on carbon-based energy. The large amounts of Thorium being produced as a by-product of its rare earth mining operations, is a further incentive. ThEC12 was partnered by the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP) - a senior academic institution of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), which has been given specific responsibility for the Thorium Energy utilization programme in China.
The initative in China makes us believe that the Thorium Energy implementation door against which we've been pushing, may finally be starting to open.

Location and time

The Chinese Academy of Science hotel, Hope Hotel, was selected as the site for ThEC12 in Shanghai.

Time: Oct 29 - Nov 1 of 2012

Hope Hotel
No. 500 ZhaoJiaBang Road
Shanghai, China


Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and International Thorium Energy Organisation (IThEO) co-hosted this conference to make it a success.


Posted below are some of the many insightful ThEC12 presentations:

"Why Nuclear Power in China? Thorium and the Energy Outlook of China" by Mianheng Jiang, President CAS Shanghai

"Chinese Academy of Sciences Thorium Molten Salt Reactors Solid and Liquid Fuel" by Xu Hongjie, TMSR Program Leader

Thorium and the UK Nuclear Landscape by Baroness Worthington, UK House of Lords

Thorium Energy Cheaper than Coal by Robert Hargraves author of Thorium Energy Cheaper than Coal

Czech Republic Development of Molten Fluoride Liquid Fuel Nuclear Reactor by Milo Hron, University of West Bohemia

Particle Accelerators and Thorium Energy by Robert Cywinski, ThorEA

"Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (TMSR) Materials Challenge" by Ping Huai, TMSR Program at SINAP

"Molten Salts and Alloy Material Compatibility by Electrochemical Techniques" by Zuo Yong, TMSR Program at SINAP

Management of High Level Waste Derived in Thorium Nuclear Fuel Cycle by Sergey Yudintsev, University of West Bohemia

"Recovery and Separation of Throium from Rare Earth Ores" by Yanfeng Bi, CIAC

Preliminary Consideration on Safety Criteria of TMSR by Xiaobin Xia, TMSR Program at SINAP

"Research Activities of CAS ADS Project" by Wang Zhiguang, ADS team of CAS

Neutronic Analysis and Transmutation Performance of Th-based Molten Salt Fuels by Sang-In Bak, Sungkyunkwan University

Dynamic meshing in multi-physics modeling of nuclear reactors by Mark Ho, ANSTO

The code development for the analysis of molten salt reactor by Youqi Zheng, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Guidelines for MSR Accident Analysis by Ritsuo Yoshioka, University of Fukui

Utilization of Thorium Fuel in Different Reactor Designs by Yu Ganglin, Tsinghua University

Physical Design of Photon-Neutron Source Based on 15 MeV Electric Linac Accelerator and its Application by Wang Hongwei, TMSR Program at SINAP

"ADS Research Activities in SKKU" by Kyun Kwan, Sungkyunkwan University

FUJI Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) Passive Heat Removal System by Yoichiro Shimazu, University of Fukui

"Passive Heat Removal for ORNL 10MW Molten Salt Reactor (MSR)" by Fa Dan , Harbin Engineering University

Thorium Reactors Harmonizing with U-Pu Reactors by Naoyuki Takaki, Tokyo University

"Furthering Thorium Energy with Accelerator Driven Systems" by Ganapati Myneni, Virginia ADS Consortium

"Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (TMSR) Fuel Processing/Reprocessing" by Li Qingnuan, TMSR Program at SINAP

"Thorium-Uranium Breeding Recycles for Thermal Reactors" by Guangwen Bi , SNERDI

Thorium in Baotou CANDU-6 by Guo Hong, CNNC

Gas Lift in Nuclear Reactors by Jiri Polansky, University of West Bohemia

"Off Gas Removal Bypass System for Molten Salt Reactor" by Tang Wencai, Harbin Engineering University

China, the Center of World Environment, Resource and Energy – using Thorium as a Key by Takashi Kamei, Kyoto University

Methodology of Nuclear Data Evaluation by Zhigang Ge, CNDC

ADS Research Activities in SKKU by Seung Woo Hong from Sungkyunkwan University

Thorium-Plutonium LWR Fuel by Julian Kelly from ThorEnergy

Small Sized Sub-critical Thorium Liquid-fuel Generator for the Venezuelan Nuclear Program by Lazlo Sajo-Bohus from Universidad Simon Bolivar

Commercialisation Of A Thorium Fueled Pebble Bed Modular Reactor by Martin van Staden from STL

The Advocacy of Thorium and Molten Salt Reactors by John Durham from Weinberg Foundation

NZEMI by Matthew Simmons NZEMI

Next Thorium Energy Conference at CERN in Geneva Switzerland by Jean-Pierre Revol from CERN

A special thank you goes to Gordon McDowell for filming, editing and uploading!


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